Get Your Arthritis Information Here With These Excellent Tips

TIP! Painful joints can be relieved by heating pads and ice. For best results, alternate using cold and heat.

Have you seen a doctor about your arthritis? What were you advised to do? Stop exhausting yourself and focus on methods that work. The advice in this article will help you manage your arthritis, and function better in your daily life.

TIP! If you are a woman who has been diagnosed with arthritis, it may be time to ditch the high heels. While high heels are a perennial favorite, they are really bad for your feet.

Many low impact exercises have been proven to ease the pain of arthritis, including cycling, walking, and swimming. If you are unsure whether exercise is okay for you, talk to a doctor first.

TIP! Just sit back, shut your eyes, and breathe. This keeps your mind from focusing on the pain and gets you to think about something happy.

Non-weight bearing activities like water aerobics are best for arthritis sufferers. These activities will stretch your muscles and joints. In addition, warm water is known to alleviate chronic arthritis pain. If you don’t feel comfortable in the water, consider taking a swimming class.

Use the heel of your hand and press down on your leg. You will not have to use a finger that is sensitive, it will be easier to do.

TIP! If you suffer pain from arthritis, try not to take pain killers unless absolutely necessary. A lot of pain killers can cause addiction and just mask pain.

Managing stress will help you manage your arthritis. Whenever you are feeling stressed, your body releases chemicals that often cause inflammation, worsening your arthritis. To reduce your overall stress level, organize your day better and get at least 20 minutes of exercise five days a week.

TIP! Physical therapy can improve your arthritis symptoms. If arthritis is severely disrupting activities of daily living, a physical therapist can help you discover exercises that will increase your flexibility and prevent swelling.

Cigarettes have been blamed for diminished flexibility and could cause arthritis flare-ups. Quitting smoking is very difficult, but if you suffer from arthritis, it is something you must do for the sake of your health.

TIP! If you have chronic arthritis, you might want to think about going to a sauna regularly. The inflammation of arthritis can be relieved by the moist heat a sauna provides, which will help reduce the pain.

Consider adding therapy to your strategies for fighting arthritis problems. Therapy can help you learn to cope with your limitations while still remaining self-sufficient. It is also a chance to connect with other people, reminding you that you are not alone. People who suffer from arthritis tend to also have issues like depression so therapy can be very beneficial.

TIP! Buy some equipment to help you! With a little assistance, you can accomplish anything, arthritis or not. Some tools that you can use are shoe horns, special can openers, or zipper pulls, these will aid if you have arthritis.

Sleep in a proper bed. Those with arthritis need to speak to a doctor to discover the type of bed that is most beneficial for a person with arthritis. Everyone is different, so you have to get advice that is for you personally, not just general advice, and will help your condition the most.

Stress Levels

TIP! When you have pain that causes tiredness, treat it with heat. People mistakenly feel that cold packs work best for all pains, but for arthritis pain, moist heat can provide better results.

Don’t allow to feel too stressed out. Physical pain through arthritis can be caused by high stress levels, such as swelling and inflammation. Use tension busting tricks that you know work, and employ these tactics as often as you feel they are needed to keep your stress levels in check.

TIP! Shed extra pounds. If you are overweight and have arthritis, you are more likely to suffer from swelling and inflammation.

You can continue to enjoy many of the activities you previously enjoyed when you learn to control the pain and restrictions of arthritis. This article will help you gain control of your arthritis.

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