Cholestrol medication alernatives

High cholestrol can be dangerous and even life threatening, if left untreated. It can lead to heart disease, a stroke or heart attack. When levels begin to reach that danger zone, your doctor might prescribe a cholestrol medication to lower it. The first solution to reducing cholestrol is a lifestyle change but that doesn’t always work, and in some cases medications are needed.

High blood pressure and diabetes are often associated with high cholestrol. The causes can be hereditary or diet related, but in either case it’s important to start treatment immediately. After you have your cholestrol tested your physician will instruct you on what medications to take.

There are over the counter medications and prescribed medications, which are used in lowering cholestrol. The most popular and widely used prescribed medications are the statin drugs like Lipitor. Clinical studies show that statin drugs will lower your LDL levels and triglyceride levels, while also causing your HDL levels to rise. There are some added benefits when taking statin drugs: they tend to unclog arteries, decrease blood clot formations and improve your overall vascular health. The problem with statin drugs is there are negative side effects. Some of these include: nausea, upset stomach, dizziness, headaches, muscle disorder and in some cases liver enzymes increase and in sever cases there has been a slight increased risk to cancer.

Local drug store chains like Walgreen’s and Rite Aid carry over the counter cholestrol lowering medications. Endur-Acin is one brand that has had some success. The main ingredient in this medication is niacin. The dose ranges from 500mg-750mg a day, not to exceed over 750mg. Niacin has been known to lower cholestrol but has one common side effect. Patients who take a product that contains niacin refer to the side effect as flushing, which is a skin tingling and warmth feeling that happens when taken.

There are some alternative treatments to lower cholestrol if statins are not the route you want to go. One alternative medicine is Cholestasys, which uses all natural ingredients and has no known side effects. The main ingredients in Cholestasys are garlic, niacin, plant sterol complex, and cayenne. Studies show that people taking Cholestasys saw a reduction in their cholestrol levels within two weeks. So far this alternative has a positive rating from consumers who have used it to lower their cholestrol. Even though Cholestasys is comprised of all natural ingredients be sure to speak with your physician before taking it with any other medications.

Besides taking medications to lower cholestrol, there are a few herbal supplements and vitamins on the market that can help such as royal jelly, vitamin B, Omega oils, red yeast rice, garlic and grapefruit pectin.