Drug free products that help lower cholestrol

Most medications these days have side effects. In today’s market there are a ton of different drug free products that help lower cholestrol, ranging from vitamins to herbal supplements to homeopathy treatments.

cholestrol MD is a natural drug free solution that aides in lowering cholestrol. This product claims to lower LDL by use of a compound called phytosterols. Phytosterols are plant sterols that can be found in all plants and compete with the cholestrol already present in your body. Clinical studies show that phytosterols have been known to reduce cholestrol levels and have had no proven side effects. Corowise is another product that also uses Phytosterols to combat high cholestrol.

Royal jelly which comes from bees is another drug free product that can help lower cholestrol. Royal jelly is the secretion that is used to feed honey bee larvae. The key behind royal jelly’s success is all the nutrients that are in it. It’s full of vitamins and over 18 amino acids that help the body flush free radicals and unclog arteries. There are many added benefits you get when taking royal jelly; it has been known to give you more energy, strengthen your immune system, and reduce stress, in some cases even helping to cure depression.

Cholesto-Rite is an herbal remedy that is safe and is non-habit forming. This natural remedy helps to regulate the body’s LDL and HDL levels, while also assisting the body in fighting off free radicals. Each capsule is filled with an array of different herbs like, red yeast rice, Gugulipid, Aspalathus linearis (Rooibos). Cholesto-Rite is also gluten free contains no artifical flavors or colours. This drug free medication claims to help regulate cholestrol, but does not state if it will help to decrease, but may be used along side certain medicatiosn that can.

Niacin ialso known as vitamin B3, has been known to help lower cholestrol. The only negative side effect from this homopathic remedy is skin flsuhing. Skin flushing is when your skin has awarm tingling feeling and a flsuhed look.

Centrum Cardio is a new vitamin that will help lower cholestrol, by uisng Phytosterols. Centrum Cardio is the first multivitamin to sue the plant sterol. This multivitamin comes packed with all your basic needs plus the added Phytosterols that aide in lower cholestrol. By taking a daily serving you can expect to see your levels decrease in around 4 weeks.

If your cholestrol level is high, taking a drug free medication might not be the most effective solution for you. Always discuss with your doctor the various treatments and medicines available to you. The best and most natural way to combat high cholestrol is to have a diet that consists of low calorie/ low fat foods, lean meats, high in fiber, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.