How much cholestrol in shrimp?

In the past shrimp has gotten a bad rap for being high in cholestrol. How much cholestrol is in shrimp?
In about 3 ozs of raw shrimp there is roughly 130mg of cholestrol.The cholestrol in shrimp is high but new studies show that eating shrimp may be healthier for you then you think.

A study was done by Rockefeller University on 18 different people who were eating a variety of low fat diets. The participants all had normal cholestrol levels at the beginning of the study. One of the diets they were on consisted of eating ½ pd of steamed shrimp a day. Surprisingly the subjects HDL cholestrol levels did increase over the course of 2 months, which lowered the LDL levels. Scientists believed this may be due to the fact that shrimp is a low fat food and that shrimp is packed with a ton of nutrients.

Shrimp contains omega 3 oils, niacin and vitamin B12. If you look at herbal supplements used to lower cholestrol you’ll see that all three of those are used. These three key supplements have been used in weight loss techniques, lower cholestrol & blood pressure. Shrimp has almost no saturated fat in it and for reasons that have yet to be proven; the cholestrol found in shrimp is harder for your body to absorb.

A recent study showed that boiled and steamed shrimp showed the same amount of cholestrol that’s found in white meat chicken. If that’s the case you are better off eating shrimp then chicken. Chicken does not contain the same omega oils that shrimp or most seafood do. Omega oils have been known to help cure depression, headaches, help prevent heart disease and maintain cholestrol levels and blood pressure.

Hearing that shrimp is no longer a food to avoid if your cholestrol is high is great, but be careful. Even though it’s a low fat food, if you get it fried and marinated in a fatty dressing it defeats the purpose. Stick to steamed shrimp if you’re on a low fat diet plan. The TLC diet allows you to eat shrimp as long as you stick to your goal of now more then 200mg of cholestrol a day.

There are few different ways you can eat shrimp that will be okay for a low cholestrol diet. Steamed or boiled are the best ways to eat it, if you’re on a low cholestrol diet. There are some great tasting alternatives if you need some spice to your shrimp. Try a Thai coconut shrimp recipe that is low in fat, lemon cilantro shrimp, beer steamed shrimp with tomato salsa, shrimp dejonghe (substitute butter with margarine) shrimp cocktail, steamed vegetable and shrimp, baked Italian shrimp and sensational boiled shrimp.