How to lower blood pressure and cholestrol by loosing weight

This article will inform you on how to lower blood pressure and cholestrol by losing weight. Being overweight causes health problems like high cholestrol and hypertension, otherwise known as high blood pressure. There are many ways you can lose weight some that work faster then others.

My friend who is a nutritionist said “You can eat whatever you want, as long as you exercise”. I don’t know if I believe all of that statement but exercise is a big part of staying in shape and healthy. Exercising will increase HDL while reducing LDL levels. There are certain exercise routines that focus more on cardiovascular activities. A cardio vascular exercise would be walking, jogging, running and swimming. These activities get your heart rate pumping and improve your overall vascular health by making your heart stronger.

Starting an exercise routine is always the easiest thing to do. If you haven’t exercised in years you have two options join a gym or start off with something easy like walking. Joining a gym is a good way to stay motivated. There you can hire a personal trainer or even join a class. I never fit in the big gyms so I signed up for Lucille Roberts, which is a woman only gym. There I was able to take some step classes that helped me lose weight faster then if I had been on my own.

When trying to lose weight you should exercise at minimum 3 times a week. If you’re trying to lose weight to lower your cholestrol and blood pressure, doctor’s recommend at least 30 minutes a day. It’s hard to find time for anything these days, especially time to exercise. There are little things you can do to keep yourself active when you’re short on time. One thing I try to do is park far away from any store I need to go to. By parking in a spot that is father then I would like it to be, I’m forced to walk. When doing errands you can wear ankle weights, they will make grocery shopping a workout in itself. Doing household chores like cleaning, vacuuming, gardening and laundry don’t burn a huge amount of calories but its better then sitting in front of the TV.

Diet is pretty important when trying to lose weight especially if you don’t have the time to exercise. By removing saturated and trans fat from your diet, you’ll lower your cholestrol. Eating the right foods will also make you feel better and have more energy.

In some very sever cases of obesity diet and exercise might not be enough for some people. In this case your doctor might request you to have a gastric bypass surgery. This surgery limits the amount of food your body is able to digest at a given time. Not only will the surgery aid you in losing those pounds, but can help you to maintain a healthy weight down the road, by learning portion control. Gastric bypass surgery will help you lower blood cholestrol and high blood pressure and even cure type two diabetes.

Find out what your ideal weight is and what you need to do to maintain it. By losing weight you will decrease your chances of hypertension, stroke and heart disease, while looking and feeling great.