How To Lower Blood Pressure and cholestrol By Losing Weight

High bloodpressure (Hypertension) and a high cholestrol level in the blood are both risk factors of cardiovascular disease, strokes and many other serious diseases. cholestrol can build up in the arteries causing narrowing of the arteries and high blood pressure causes a strain on the blood vessels of the vascular system which can damage and narrow them too.

Narrowing of the arteries reduces blood flow to vital organs like the heart and brain and also clots can form. If this happens we can suffer a heart attack or stroke. Being overweight increases our blood pressure and increases our cholestrol levels. It is important we know how to lower blood pressure and cholestrol by losing weight to protect our health.

So, do you know how to lower blood pressure and cholestrol by losing weight?
To lower your blood pressure and cholestrol levels you need to change your lifestyle. Ways to lose weight and increase exercise:-
– Join a gym – Get assessed by a personal trainer in a gym who can devise a program of exercise specifically for your needs.

– Start an exercise regime of your own – Aerobic exercise is important in reducing blood pressure, reducing cholestrol and shifting a few pounds. Aerobic exercise is exercise that exercises the cardiovascular system – the heart and lungs. Walk briskly or jog, cycle, do aerobics, skipping, kick boxing and roller blading. Do aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week for at least 20-30 minutes. Some doctors now recommend exercising 5 times a week for good health.
– Reduce calorie intake – Eat lower calorie foods, cut down on treats like junk food and biscuits, choose lower calorie alternatives to your normal food.
– Eat more fruit and vegetables – Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
Other tips on how to lower blood pressure and cholestrol by losing weight:-
– Reduce your intake of saturated fat and trans fat which raise cholestrol levels and blood pressure. Saturated fat can be found in meat and dairy foods such as cheese and butter. Trans fat can be found in commercially processed foods such as biscuits and cakes, and also foods containing coconut and palm oils. Use polyunsaturated or mono unsaturated fats instead like olive oils and polyunsaturated margarines. Change to low fat or fat free milk or use cholestrol lowering milks which contain plant sterols known to reduce cholestrol levels.
– Change your cooking methods. Instead of frying or deep fat frying in fat you should grill, steam or microwave food.

The above information tells you how to lower blood pressure and cholestrol by losing weight. Eat foods that contain good nutrition and exercise regularly to keep healthy.