Is Milk Good For A Person With High cholestrol

There has been much talk recently about whether milk is good for people with high cholestrol. Some are blaming the widespread use of homogenised milk for the rise in cholestrol levels and increase in heart disease which seem to have happened since homogenised milk became the most common milk stocked in supermarkets. People are searching for answers to questions such as “Is milk good for a person with high cholestrol?”and “Is homegenised milk good for us?”

What is homogenisation?

For your information, homogenisation is a process in which milk is forced through very fine filters at high speed to break up the fat or cream in the milk. The fat is broken up into minute fat globules which mix in with the milk. This process results in milk that is smooth and which doesn’t have a layer of cream on top.
Does homogenised milk cause an increase in our cholestrol levels? Is milk good for a person with high cholestrol or not?
Dr Kurt Oster, a cardiologist in the US, started researching milk and its effect on cholestrol in the 1960s. He found that the fat in milk contained a substance called Xanthene Oxidose. In normal milk both the fat and Xanthene Oxidose are digested by the body and either used for nutrients or excreted. However, Dr Oster found that the fat and Xanthene Oxidose particles in homogenised milk were so small that they could pass through the intestine walls into the bloodstream. Xanthene Oxidose from cow’s milk fat can attack the tissue in the artery walls causing legions. As these legions heal they can harden into calcified plaque which then narrows the arteries and cholestrol is able to stick to the plaque which narrows the arteries even more. Narrowing of the arteries is called atherosclerosis and is a major cause of heart disease.

So, is milk good for a person with high cholestrol?

Whole milk, especially homogenised whole milk, is not good for a person with high cholestrol as it contains saturated fat which can raise cholestrol levels and the substance Xanthene Oxidose. It is best to drink fat-free (skimmed) milk which is lower in saturated fat but still has the goodness of calcium, Vitamin D and other valuable nutrients. It is also possible to buy cholestrol lowering milks which are fat-free and contain plant sterols which lower cholestrol. Soya milk is also known to lower cholestrol. Research has shown that drinking three glasses of soya milk a day can significantly lower your cholestrol. Soya milk can be used wherever you would use normal milk – in drinks, on your cereal and in cooking.

The question should not be “Is milk good for a person with high cholestrol?” but instead “What milk is good for a person with high cholestrol?”.