Receipes to help lower cholestrol

Nowadays you can research the internet for recipes to help lower cholestrol. There are books, and websites purely dedicating to providing you with low-fat meals and plans, ranging from quick dinners to appetizing desserts.

The food network has over 50 recipes that they considered to be heart healthy, posted on their site. These recipes include lentil soup, honey roasted sweet potatoes, grilled eggplant pizza, and angel food cake for dessert. A heart healthy diet calls for the elimination of saturated fat, trans fat and dietary cholestrol. You’ll notice that a lot of recipes call for beans as a meat replacement.

Buying a cookbook to help you lower your cholestrol might be a good idea. The American Heart Association has one called the Low-Fat, Low-cholestrol Cookbook, Third Edition. This cookbook has over 200 different recipes that are easy to prepare and yummy to eat. Inside you’ll also find the latest nutritional information and even some ideas on exercise. Some other cookbooks you might enjoy are Low-cholestrol Cookbook for Dummies, Betty Crocker’s Low-Fat Low-cholestrol Cookbook, Aha Low-Fat, and Low-cholestrol Cookbook Second Edition.

As I searched the internet for different low cholestrol recipes, I must admit some of them did not look that tempting. In low cholestrol recipes you’ll find a lot of tofu, in replacement of meat. Tofu is basically soy milk coagulated, then pressed down and cut into blocks. It has very little smell or taste, but for some strange reason is still appetizing, in my opinion. Tofu is a favorite among vegetarians and dieters because it’s a low-fat, low calorie food that is full of protein and has no cholestrol.

Tofu can be cooked and used in many different ways, one way I like it is fried. Eating fried food is not the best option but it certainly tastes good. A lot of Chinese and Japanese restaurants use tofu as an alternative dish. If you love orange chicken, try the orange tofu, it actually isn’t that bad and if you have to eat Chinese its’ much healthier. The most common dish that has tofu in it is miso soup. Miso soup is a Japanese broth soup, which has tofu, seaweed, and sometimes onion and mushroom in it.

Changing the way you cook and what you cook with also can help lower cholestrol. Instead of using vegetable oil, substitute for olive oil which is healthier for you. If you need to make a batter for anything, say for example chicken cutlets use an egg white wash. Normally how I make my batter is two eggs with a bit of milk, which is pretty high in cholestrol. An egg white wash is just egg whites in a bowl, mix it up and dip your chicken into it then bread and bake.

Popular recipe sites like and both have sections full of healthy living recipes.