This article will discuss how to reduce cholestrol

Having high cholestrol puts you at a greater risk for getting heart disease. Reducing your cholestrol is easier then it looks, with a few simple lifestyle changes you can be on your way to a healthier you.

The most important factor in reducing cholestrol is your diet. If you’re eating bacon and eggs every morning for breakfast, chances are you can end up with some health issues later on. Egg yolks are very high in cholestrol and bacon is full of saturated fat. If you feel you can’t live without either of those foods switch to egg whites or have only 2 yolks a week and switch to a leaner meat, like turkey bacon. Eat whole grain breads and pastas, and try to eat fruit and vegetables every day. Dairy is another high in fat product. Instead of drinking whole milk, drink skim or even soy milk which has numerous benefits to it.

We live in a country that loves their fast food; to bad it’s terrible for you. Luckily more fast food companies are adding healthy alternatives to their menu. Wendy’s has a few different salads that you can choose from. When ordering a salad stick with a plain garden or grilled chicken, some of the salads tend to be very high in fat.

People that are overweight tend to have higher cholestrol. By losing a few pounds you can immediately reduce your levels. Exercise will help you to lose weight faster and reduce cholestrol. Any aerobic or cardiovascular exercise like running or walking should be implemented into your daily routine if possible. Try and do 30 to 60 minutes a day of cardio, start off slow and work your way up. If you find that you don’t have time to exercise as much as you should, you can do little things through out the day.

Park your car farther away so you’re forced to walk some extra steps to get where you need to be. If you sit at a desk all day, on your breaks take quick walks around the block or even the parking lot. I work in a warehouse and during break time there are two ladies that will walk around the warehouse if it’s raining out.

Some other steps you can take are to cook with olive oil, use margarine instead of butter and stay away from any foods that have partially hydrogenated oils; they are the worst type of fat for you. You can also use egg whites as a batter for your chicken cutlets instead of eggs, bread them and then bake them in the oven; they still come out tasting great.

Certain vitamins and herbs can also help reduce cholestrol. Studies have been done on, fish oil, royal jelly, and vitamin B, but before taking either of these supplements speak with your physician. Worst case scenario, if lifestyle changes don’t help to reduce your cholestrol your doctor might put you on medication. If you’re on medication make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions.